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Please use Search if you want to find an entity by keyword, combination of words, or ID number. The Search box can be found in the top menu.

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Type the keyword into the Search field, press Enter and enjoy the result. If multiple records are found, you can scroll down and browse the next pages. Alternatively, try to refine your results: change the keyword or phrase for more precise matching (using special syntax when needed), or apply filters by entity type, state, or creation date, and see results updated on the fly.

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By default, Search shows you results from all Projects and Teams that you are a member of.

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Unmark the All Projects and Teams checkbox to search through currently selected Projects and Teams.

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In search results page, click ID or Name to navigate to the entity.

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You can quickly return back to search results from the entity view:

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Quick Find by ID

To quickly jump to a specific entity with a known numeric ID, just type the number in the search box and press Enter.

Quick Find by ID

Search syntax

If you don’t see what you are searching for, please try an extended search syntax. Our search engine supports the following special characters:

+keyword1 + keyword2AND operation. Searches for documents with both words included.
|keyword1 | keyword2OR operation. Searches for documents with at least one of these words included.
"""Exact phrase"Exact match. Finds all documents with the exact phrase from the search query.
*key*Template search. Finds all words starting with “key”.
~word~5Signifies a level of fuzziness.

Fuzziness is interpreted as a Levenshtein Edit Distance — the number of one character changes that need to be made to one string to make it the same as another string.


Advanced Filters for text matching

Some sophisticated text patterns cannot be found using the normal search window. In such cases (as a workaround), it is possible to create a view and apply one of the Advanced Filters by keywords and text patterns to its setup.

To find entities by other criteria or to search for Users, please use views instead of using the Search box. Open an existing view from the left menu or create a new view. Apply Basic filters or Advanced filters to view setup to perform your search.

Source fields

Global Search scans the following fields of Targetprocess entities:

  • Name
  • Description
  • Text and numeric Custom Fields.

Searching by TagsTime Descriptions, and Attachments is not yet supported yet, nor is searching through entities in inactive Projects.

Legacy syntax for on-site installations

If Targetprocess is installed in your local network, then the old Search plugin is probably still active. Its syntax is different from the what was described above.

?eyworda question mark can replace the first (or any other) character in the search term. E.g. you can search for ?eyword, or k?yword ,or ke?word
+keywordthis query searches exactly for this "keyword"
-keywordleaves off "keyword" from the search results
key*this query finds all the words starting with “key”
"keyword1 keyword2"equal to searching for +keyword1 +keyword2. The exact order of the set of words will not be reflected in the search results.


If you're having any issues with Global Search, this troubleshooting article might be helpful for you.

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