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On-Premises Troubleshooting

What to do if for some reason you don’t see the “update previous version” option, and the system is about to install a new instance of TargetProcess.

Most common issues with plugins for the local version of Targetprocess and how to fix them

Q: What is the maximum file size of an attachment? How can I change it? Problem: When we try to attach a file that is too large we get the following error: "Looks like application is not available. Please check your

Q: My locally installed Targetprocess application is slow or hangs. I see the following error messages in my application log: Timeout expired. The timeout period elapsed prior to obtaining a connection from the pool. This may have occurred

All Plugins are implemented as Windows Services. Even if you do not use some of them - you have not configured any Profiles - they will still be running. And as any of the Windows Services, they consume

In Targetprocess 3.12.5, we introduced relations on Boards, Lists and Timelines. If we host your Targetprocess instance, you don't need to update anything to get the new functionality; it's included with the release. On-Premise customers will need to perform this

Instruction on how to use Mashup Library on a server with no direct Internet access