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How to create a personal access token for DevOps Integrations

GitLab integration

For GitLab Integration a personal access token must include an 'api' scope.

How to create personal access token in GitLab.


GitHub Integration

Go to Settings -> Developer settings -> Personal access tokens and generate personal access token with the following scopes:

  • Repo: repo:status, repo:deployment, public_repo, repo:invite
  • Admin:repo_hook: write:repo_hook, read:repo_hook
  • User: read:user, user:email

How to create access token in GitHub.


 Azure DevOps

  1. Go to User Settings > Security > Personal Access Tokens

({your organization}/_usersSettings/tokens)

2. Create the token with the following scopes:

  • Build - Read
  • Code - Full ('Full' is required, to post comment to Pull Request with back link to Targetprocess. Also for other automations like create branch from Targetprocess via repo custom fields. If you don't need these additions, then 'Read' access to code will be enough)
  • Graph - Read

How to create access token in Azure DevOps


 Bitbucket Cloud

  1. Go to Bitbucket Settings / OAuth. Click Add new consumer.
  2. Copy the URL from the field below that would be automatically generated for you after you add Bitbucket team URL in Step 1. The URL would look like:
  • {your_host}/svc/devops-service/profiles/{your_devOps_profile_id}/auth/callback
  1. Select the following consumer permissions:
  • Account - Write
  • Repositories - Admin
  • Pull Requests - Write
  • Webhooks - Read and Write
  • Pipelines - Write


  1. Under OAuth consumers find your newly created one, expand it, copy values from Key and Secret and paste them to corresponding fields on Targetprocess Bitbucket profile page


Bitbucket Server

  1. Go to User Settings > Manage account > Personal access tokens and generate a new token with the following permissions:
  • Projects - Admin
  • Repositories - Admin (inherited)



  1. Go to Settings -> Conduit API Token (link is https://{your_instance}{username_in_Phabricator}/page/apitokens ) and generate a new API token


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