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Integration with Miro

Miro is a visual platform that centralizes communication on a single online whiteboard. It’s perfect for collaborating and mindmapping throughout your entire company. Miro Boards are now even more useful, as you can embed them into the Targetprocess interface.

Enable Miro Integration

Create Miro boards

Embed Miro boards into entity details view

Add Miro boards as widget to Dashboards

Enable Miro integration

First, the administrator of your Targetprocess account will need to enable Miro Integration.
Go to Settings → Integrations page, find Miro and click + Add.

Create Miro boards from Targetprocess

After Integration is added the Miro board option will appear under the '+Create' button on the left menu:

Click 'Miro Board' → 'Select board' green button.
If you don’t have a Miro account or didn't log-in from the current browser, a popup with Sign-in or Sign-up will appear.

You can pick existing board or create a new one. Simply choose access rights and click 'Insert' to proceed. The selected Miro board will appear in Targetprocess:

Change Miro boards

If access rights allow you to edit the Miro board then you'll be able to change it in the same way you would do when using the Miro interface, adding new elements, updating existing ones, etc.

- You won't be able to update a Miro board's name
- Hotkeys are not supported

Manage Miro boards

Click on ‘...’ available in the left menu to see the options available for Miro boards:

  • Open in new tab
  • Rename (relates to the name in the Targetprocess interface only)
  • Change Access (by default, every Board is Private)
  • Change Owners
  • Add to Favourites
  • Hide
  • Remove (relates to Targetprocess interface only)

You can also organize Miro boards into Folders together with other types of Views and Reports.

Embed Miro boards as additional tab into Entity Details view

  • Create URL custom filed for the entity that will have additional tab for Miro board:
    Targetprocess Image

  • Open Miro board that you want to embed → Click 'Embed this board' → Select 'Embed'
    Targetprocess Image

  • Switch on 'Access' for this board and copy link located in 'src' property:
    Targetprocess Image

  • Paste this link into URL custom field of a specific entity view

  • Introduce additional tab into Entity view:

    As a result new tab appears on entity details view:

Add Miro boards as widget to Dashboards

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