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Follow Entities

It is possible to follow entities and receive email notifications about changes in them. For example, you may follow a Feature and receive notifications about its effort changes, new comments, new attachments, added/removed User Stories or their states changes, etc.

This article describes automatic email notifications produced by Following / Watch subscriptions. More information on other kinds of email notifications can be found here: Notifications.

To follow an entity, just click a button on entity view:

Click to follow entity

When you follow some entities, you will receive email notifications every 2 hours with all important updates in these entities. Here is an example that shows changes in several Features you follow:

Email with updates

Email subject changes every day, so all emails from a particular day will be combined in a single thread to make it easy check all updates for a single day.

Changes of what details are supported

Full list of changes is available here.

View with all followed entities

Users can create a board view or list view with all entities they follow. As a result the view works like Favorites.

The view should be set to show any entities users follow. And special smart filter should be applied to cards:

?Followers.Where(User is Me)

Board with followed entities

The view is not created automatically and should be added manually.

Users can create these views for their own needs. However we recommend Administrators to set up single public view of this kind just once and as a result make it available for all users.

The view created in List mode can be added to Dashboard within "Any List View" widget.

Follow Activity Widget

This Dashboard widget shows the activity for any entities that you follow. For example, if you follow a Feature, you will see all important actions about this Feature. This widget has no settings.

Follow Activity Widget


When you follow some entities, you receive email notifications every 2 hours. Change of this default time interval is not supported at the moment.


Follow Activity widget displays nothing

Follow Activity widget Nothing to show

The widget displays nothing to you when:

  • You have not started to follow any entity yet;
  • You follow some entities, but they have not been modified recently.

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