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How to change an email notification template

Email notifications in Targetprocess are flexible and can be customized. This article describes how to configure what details are included to the automatic email notifications.

It is possible to modify templates for notifications configured in Process Workflow settings and for some predefined system events as well. Templates that can be modified include:

User AddedSent when a user account is added to Targetprocess.
Attachment CreatedSent when an attachment is added to a particular entity.
Comment CreatedSent when a comment is added to an entity.
Entity AssignedSent when a user is assigned to a particular entity.
Entity ConvertedSent when an entity’s type has been changed through conversion.
Entity CreatedSent when an entity is added.
Entity State ChangedSent when an entity changes state.
Forgot PasswordSent when a user requests a password reset from the login form.
Auto Reply to RequestersSent to requesters when their email requests are accepted. More details: How to setup auto reply to requesters

More information on different kinds of email notifications can be found here: Notifications

Configure Templates

Templates can be modified by Administrators only.

To customize your email templates, navigate to SettingsEmail Notifications.

To modify a template, click on the desired template or event name on the left and adjust the template contents where they appear on the right. You can easily switch between edit and preview modes using the buttons just above the edit area. Preview mode provides instant feedback on your change. When you have completed your changes, click the Save Template button on the bottom.

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Markup Language

Email notification templates are written using standard HTML markup with added templating markup to provide access to context information. For more information on the template markup tags that are available for use in email templates, refer to our Developers portal: Markup Guide.

Process-specific, Project-specific, and Entity-specific notifications

Email notification templates are set at the application level, and as a result, they cannot be customized on a per-project basis. However it is possible to develop a workaround for this limitation using IF-THEN-ELSE logical expressions embedded to the templates.

More information: Conditions

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