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Visual Studio add-in

Targetprocess Visual Studio add-in helps you to:

  • See your ToDo list with User Stories, Bugs and Tasks
  • Close assigned tasks and bugs
  • Start and stop time tracking timer
  • Provide fragmented daily time reports

How to Install the Add-In

Download the installation pack from here, close Visual Studio and run the installer. The installation is straightforward. Run Visual Studio, click on Targetprocess in the menu, and select the Login option. A popup window with Targetprocess credentials will appear. You need to enter the path to the Targetprocess server, and your login/password to the Targetprocess application.

How to Install the Add-In

Then you will see your ToDo list. Click on the Targetprocess menu and select the View To Do List option.

Work with ToDo List

The ToDo list includes all the entities you are responsible for. You can see all Bugs, Tasks, and User Stories from the Projects you are a member of.

Work with ToDo List

Here's what you can do in the ToDo list:

  • View details for an assignment by double clicking on a row
  • Sort the ToDo list. Click on the header of the column by which you want to do the sorting.
  • Change the state for an assignment. Right click on a row and select a new state. The change will be immediately synced with TargetProcess.
  • Refresh List. The list will be updated with any new assignments from Targetprocess.

Work with Time Tracking

It's easy to track time with the Visual Studio add-in. Just select a Task, and click Start. Time tracking for the Task will start; you can stop and resume time tracking as needed.

Work with Time Tracking

When you click Stop, you need to enter the details for this time entry.

When you’re done working for the day, you can submit all the time entries to Targetprocess. Stop the timer and click Submit Time.

Remember to use the Submit Time button. Times are not posted to the server automatically.

You can also run a fragmented time spent report by clicking on Total time (00:01:12 in the screen above). Here’s how the report can look:

Visual Studio add-in. Image 4

The time log displays all records that haven't been submitted to the server yet. Each bar is a standalone time record for some work. The length of the bar represents the duration of the activity.

The report clearly shows how fragmented your time is. A highly fragmented time record can be evidence of inefficiency/ interruptions/multitasking. You might consider making some adjustments to your work patterns based on that.

The Add-In Settings

Some more of the Visual Studio Add-In settings are available in the Options menu:

The Add-In Settings


Plugin is installed and not shown

Please check if your Visual Studio version is among the supported ones.

Try to install the plugin to the default path and for everyone who uses the computer, rather than just your own user account only.

Check if you have Microsoft .NET Framework v2.0, v4.0, v4.5 installed.

Not all items are displayed

Find more details on How items are filtered in your personal ToDo list.

Make sure you are a member of the Project, that the item belongs to. If you see the work item in Targetprocess through Team - you will not see it in the Visual Studio.

Supported Visual Studio IDE versions

Compatibility with the following Visual Studio IDE versions is tested:

  • 2017
  • 2015
  • 2013
  • 2012
  • 2010
  • 2008

Visual Studio Team Services (former Visual Studio Online) is not supported by this plugin.

Unable to login

The most common issues with login via add-in are:

  1. Email address is not supported. Unlike the main Targetprocess account, the add-in does not allow using email for authentication. Please make sure you are using your login there instead.
  2. Authentication settings on the IIS hosting server may prevent you from login.
  3. Proxy server network settings may prevent you from login.
  4. A time difference between your machine and server may prevent the connection from being established. It is not related to time zone difference (you still can connect to a server in US sitting in UK), but if your local time is 5:00 while server time is 5:15, system will produce a login error.

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