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TestRail Integration

How it works

The integration allows you to link test cases in TestRail with user stories (or other entity types) in Targetprocess using the native Reference field. You can link one case to multiple stories. For easy navigation, reference IDs can be used as hyperlinks to Targetprocess user stories. Synchronization triggers every 15 minutes.

In the user story view, all referenced test cases appear in the TestRail tab and the test case id is a hyperlink to TestRail.

How to set up an integration

First, add an integration profile. You have to provide a TestRail URL, user login and password.

To see a TestRail tab, you have to customize the user story view (or every other entity type required) in Settings > Detailed View. Select a User Story for the required process and add a new tab in between the existing tabs

   "title": { 
      "type": "string", 
      "value": "TestRail", 
      "localize": false 
   "component": { 
      "type": "testrail-list", 
      "component": "TestRailTestCasesComponent",
      "componentId": "testrail_testcases" 
"componentId": "section_testrail" 

To show References as links, set up a Reference View URL in TestRail Administration > Integration or Project Settings > Integration. It must be a link.


Also, API should be enabled in your TestRail account.  You can do it in the administration area in TestRail under Administration > Site Settings > API.

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