How to switch from Targetprocess On-Demand to Targetprocess On-Site | Targetprocess - Visual management software

How to switch from Targetprocess On-Demand to Targetprocess On-Site

    1. Purchase Targetprocess On-Site licenses.
    2. Download Targetprocess installer from your account page.
    3. Run the installation on your server, making sure Targetprocess starts correctly with the sample database.
      Please, make sure your servers infrastructure meets our system requirements before you move forward to the next steps.
    4. Contact Targetprocess support at for your database back-up and attachments folder. As you understand, all the data added to On-Demand account after we make a backup will not be migrated. Thereby please, let us know what date and time shall we use for taking a backup (e.g. Friday evening when everyone is out of the office).
    5. Unzip the db backup and uploads folder content that we will send you and copy them into Targetprocess server.
    6. Replace default C:inetpubwwwrootTargetprocess2wwwrootupload folder content with the files we have sent you.
    7. We recommend stopping Targetprocess application pool and TP plugins windows services before you move on to the next step to prevent any possible access conflicts between the sites or applications running at same IIS.

    1. Restore the backup of the production database over that new database. To accomplish this please, expand the list of your Databases in SQL Management Studio, use right mouse click on the database name -> Tasks -> Restore -> Database...

      Select 'From device' and navigate to the .bak file we provided (it should be unzipped)
      Before you click OK, check the 'Overwrite the existing database (WITH REPLASE)' option at Options section

    1. (Important step) Re-run Targetprocess installer one more time to adjust possible database and application versions mismatch.
    2. Run the below script to enable HTTP access (by default, HTTPS mode is forced for on-demand accounts which differs for on-sites):
      UPDATE dbo.GlobalSetting Set DisableHttpAccess = 0
    3. Apply the license you have purchased at step one: Settings - License - Update your license. Use 'Automatically (Recommended)' mode if your Targetprocess is connected to Internet, otherwise select 'Manually'. Click 'Next', type in or copy-paste license number, press 'Next' one more time and confirm the changes with 'Finish' button.

  1. Verify your Application root URL at Settings - General Settings. It should be adjusted to use new site or virtual directory address.
  2. Run the script to adjust your rich text editor file locations to the new server.
  3. If you have used any Mashups in SaaS account we will also provide you with the folder to be unpacked and placed to the following 2 locations at your local Targetprocess server:C:inetpubwwwrootTargetProcess2wwwrootJavaScriptMashups
  4. Rebuild indexes of Search cache

Please note that all the data added to the On-Demand account after we make a backup will not be migrated. Of course, we will let you know the particular time and date of the content database dump was taken.

It is presumed that you’re installing the same version of Targetprocess you’ve had in our cloud to your local environment. If you are installing a newer version, the database and the application versions may not match causing errors and incorrect system behavior. This is why, re-running installer one more time after the database restore process is obligatory.

Backups that we will provide you with are from SQL Server 2008 R2. Thus, if you really need to restore them at older environment (e.g. SQL 2005) please, contact us in advance so that we arrange the compatible file configuration for you.

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