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Many Teams and Many Projects

It's time to nail down a serious thing. You work in a large company that has many teams and many projects. Sometimes one team works on a single project. Sometimes things are much more complex.

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Targetprocess 3 provides some unique tools to plan and to track projects and teams. First, you add all the teams and all the projects. Then you can set relations between teams and projects.

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First, add 3 teams and invite people into the teams:

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Then add several projects. Now, create a View to assign teams to projects. Click Add View:

  • Cards: Project
  • Horizontal lanes: Team

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Here you can quickly add new projects and new teams, replicating your company setup. Drag and drop projects to teams. If you try to move a project from one team to another, the card will be copied, and a new project-team relation will be added.

So, now we have the correct setup:

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People by Teams

Teams are made of people. It is easy to create a View that shows all the people by teams. Create a View with these settings:

  • Card: User
  • Horizontal lane: Team

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Work by Teams and Projects

It is handy to see work by teams and projects. Here's the View for that:

  • Cards: User Story, Feature. Most likely, you don't want to see closed stories and features, so you can apply this filter to cards: ?EntityState.IsFinal is False
  • Columns: Team
  • Rows: Project

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You can freely add new user stories to any projects and teams here, as well as move stories between teams and projects.

Note that you can't move a story into a cell that has no team-project relation. For example, the Android app project has no link with the Web Team, so you can't move a story to this cell. This is not highlighted so far, but you will get an error as you attempt to do the move.

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