People Management

This feature provides the possibility to plan people allocations on projects, taking into account their current and planned allocations, and see if any conflicts may happen. It allows the user to specify what people - teams and individuals

New people allocation management possibilities have been added to Targetprocess in the version 3.8.0. You can read more about it here. In this connection project allocations entities have been replaced with user allocations. You could use views, where

Allocations report provides an overview of people allocations for all the projects they’re working on (or available for).

Control the workload and see how much work is assigned during Iterations, Team Iterations, or Release planning.

Personal capacity limits on People Capacity views are calculated using the number of remaining working days of the Sprint (Iteration) or Release, the number of Weekly Hours available for a Person, and the Percent Participating value taken from user allocations. People Capacity is