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Summary Columns in Tabular Reports

Summary columns can be used to count totals, and to calculate maximum, minimum, and average values within Tabular Reports.

Besides Summary columns there are a few other features in Targetprocess that support custom calculations. More information: Custom Calculations and Formula Expressions

Here’s how you can create summary columns:

Targetprocess Image

The first column will display the сount of Bugs for a User Story, the second - total effort for all the Tasks. In the third column you will see the date when time was first posted to this User Story (when the work has started). Fourth column shows which role has the max effort ToDo (if the User Story can be assigned to multiple roles). Fifth column - avg time spent on Requests.

The functions available (totals / avg /sum / min /max) depend on the property selected, e.g. you cannot count or sum up dates.

Some of the entities have no properties to list. You cannot add summary columns if Time is selected as the top-level entity.

You can also use filters in summary columns. Here’s how we can count only the “Blocking” Bugs:

The Severity name should be spelled exactly as in TargetProcess: Blocking.

Targetprocess Image

Please don’t mix up the global ‘Filters’ tab in Custom Reports wizard with the filters for summary columns. The ‘Filters’ tab filters out top-level entities, and filters in Summary columns - the properties of your listed entities.

That’s how the final summary report looks in our case. Only Bugs with the “Blocking” severity are included:

Targetprocess Image

Another example of Summary Columns inside a Custom Report can help you to get filtered and aggregated totals for Times and Efforts per User Story, Feature, Iteration, Release, Team Iteration or even Project or Team.

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