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Time Sheet

Most of the IT people are familiar with those dreaded moments when you have to report time for the work you’ve done over the whole week. Fortunately, Targetprocess offers a convenient option for that: the Time Sheet.

Targetprocess Image

Targetprocess Image

The following entities are displayed in the Time Sheet so you can report spent and remain hours on them:

  • User Stories
  • Tasks
  • Bugs
  • Test Plan Runs
  • Requests

We’ve tried to close in only on the relevant entities, so here’re the reasons why an item is or is not displayed in your Time Sheet.

When an entity appears in a Time Sheet?

  1. Time Tracking practice is enabled for a Process your Project follows
  2. AND the item is assigned to the Project or the Team you're a member of
  3. AND at least one of the following is true:
    • You have posted time to this item this week OR
    • The item is assigned to you AND
      • The item belongs to a current sprint (Iteration)
      • If an item does not belong to Iteration or Team Iteration - the work on the item is in progress. When the state is entity is Initial/New/Open, or Planned, or Final/Done/Closed the item will be hidden from the Time Sheet.
      • (for REQUESTS only) the item was closed during this week

Items from inactive and deleted Projects are always hidden in the Time Sheet.

Time Sheet page in Targetprocess does not support advanced filters. Should you require more flexibility, consider using a Time List view as a replacement for Time Sheet page. Create a view with "Time" entities grouped per "Work On" entity lanes. Apply advanced filters to cards and lanes. Save the view and use it whenever required. Submit draft Time records within Time List view. Then, use origin Time Sheet page to review the reported hours and adjust them precisely.

Submitting Time records using Time Sheet

Now, once you see the items you need, you can easily add time for them to any day of the week. If you need to add time for any other week, use the “< Prev” and “Next >” links next to the dates. To post a Time record for an item, press on the cell in the corresponding date column.

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If you are adding time for the past days, mind the Time Remaining values. The system will use the time remaining added to the latest chronological date. For example, if you add 2 hours spent on Friday with 7 hours remaining and then 2 hours for this past Wednesday with 5 hours remaining, the system will think you still have 7 hours to do as it was the value added for Friday.

Besides Time Sheet, there are several more useful ways to Add Time Spent records to Targetprocess.

Hot keys

By the way, you can use keyboard to navigate between the cells:

Targetprocess Image

Custom Activities

Another useful option is the ability to add Custom Activities such as meetings, correspondence or any other activity related to your assignments.

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You may want to estimate your Custom Activity, but that is optional. Also, you can reuse some of the previous activities by selecting them from the drop down list on the right part of the pop-up.

More infromation: Custom Activities

How to see someone else’s time entries in Time Sheet

Also, with the appropriate Project Role Settings, you can view (and edit) Time Sheets of the other users.

You should configure permissions for your user's Project Role at Settings → Roles → [edit role] and check the Allow access to time sheet check box and click the Save button:

Targetprocess Image

Anyone with this role will see a drop down project members list on Time Sheet Page.

Targetprocess Image

You’re also able to enter time for others. For example, as a Team Leader, you might want to log time for your team members. The time entry will be related to the name chosen in the drop-down list.


Timesheet is not configurable mostly. It is not possible to sort, group and filter displayed entities so far.

Show numeric IDs of entities

It is possible to activate a mashup (custom add-on) that displays numeric IDs of entities in the Time Sheet. Here is its description and installation guide: IDs on Time Sheet.

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