How can we make Team field mandatory?

Q: How can we make "Team" field mandatory? Is it possible to set it up so that any new entity must be assigned to a team resulting in "No Team" never being an option? I have team members who lost sight of work because accidently a team was not assigned at the point of creation.

A: There is not such option available in Targetprocess so far. Though it is likely that it will be added in future.

Let us suggest some best practices to reduce amount of entities get entered with the "Team" selection left blank.

Team backlog board view for work creation

Create a public board and use it whenever you want to input new entities and distribute them across Teams. Here is how the board view can be configured:


Whenever you want to add a new backlog item, use inner [+] button in the lane of the responsible Team. All the work created in the account this way is automatically assigned to some team what ensures that no story gets entered with the team selection left blank.


Distribute entities with no Team assigned

It is possible to create special views that will help a Project manager to quickly recognize entities unassigned to any team and handle them promptly.

Teams backlog board view with "No Team" row shown helps. Open it daily or weekly and distribute all unassigned work by teams.



Drag-n-drop method is useful when it is needed to distribute work (cards) by teams (lanes).

Highlight entities with no Team assigned

On any view it is possible to setup Visual Encoding and highlight items that don't belong to any Team with some warning color.

Add the following rule:

?AssignedTeams.Count == 0


All cards having no Team assigned now shown with red background.


Noticed a red card on your board? Double-click on it to see its details and assign it to some responsible team. The card will no longer be shown in red after this edition.

Activate Custom Rules

An account Administrator in Targetprocess may activate three global Custom Rules. It helps to let child entities inherit selected Team from their parent containers.

Assign the Feature's Team to all its childrenWhen a Feature is assigned to a Team, all the Feature's Bugs and User Stories are assigned to the same Team. Only the bugs directly linked to the Feature will be assigned.
Assign a Project's Team to a User StoryWhen a User Story is assigned to a Project, assign this User Story to this Project's Team. The Team will be assigned if it's the only Team assigned to the Project.
Assign the User Storie`s Team to all its childrenWhen a User Story is assigned to a Team, all the User Story's Tasks and Bugs are assigned to the same Team. Only the bugs directly linked to the User Story will be assigned.

Configure Webhook

It is possible to tweak "New entity created" event in Targetprocess and setup special webhook that will assign some default responsible team to all newly added entities automatically in background mode. This approach has its own pros and cons. But sometimes it also can serve as an acceptable solution.

Contact our support team in order to request assistance with webhook configuration.


Please upvote the idea to add an option to allow Make fields in Targetprocess mandatory and describe your use case in comments if none of the workarounds fits your exact need.

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