WIP Limits for Lanes

It is possible to set WIP (work-in-progress) Limits for vertical and horizontal lanes, so that you get a visual feedback when this limit is met or exceeded. To set WIP Limits for lanes, go to view setup → Limits:

The example above shows the limit for In Progress set to 4. Now the exceeded WIP Limit is explicitly seen on the view, which will alarm you and your team whenever the limit is exceeded by pulling too much work into progress.

  • Tom Dean

    Can you not set lame limits for the other lanes?

  • Natalia

    Hi Tom,
    No, limits can be set on State columns only.

  • Tom Dean

    Any reason for this? We have a need to add limits to the initial column and we do not want to add in another column.

  • Natalia

    Hi Tom,
    Limit, or Work In Progress Limit, is one of the core properties of Kanban methodology. Limits are used to control your process and identify the bottlenecks. There isn’t much sense in limiting the Backlog (Initial column).

    For more information on Agile software development in general I would recommend the following book by David Anderson: https://www.amazon.co.uk/Kanba

    If you still prefer limiting the initial column, the only way to do that is indeed to add another column.

  • https://www.targetprocess.com/ Natalia

    Tom, thank you for sharing your use case. I have added the idea about setting a limit to Initial state to our Uservoice portal: https://tp3.uservoice.com/forums/174654-we-will-rock-you/suggestions/17984956-wip-limits-ability-to-set-limits-to-the-initial-s You are welcome to support it with your votes and comments.

  • Wayne R. Wise

    Can you set limits on the number of cards not the number of points?

  • http://www.targetprocess.com/guide/ Alex

    The WIP limits are set exactly on the number of cards and not on the total points. Do you actually need exactly this behavior or vice versa one?

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