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Manage Tags in System Settings

Tags are small pieces of text or icons that can be assigned to almost all entities in the system. Administrators of Targetprocess account can manage Tags in the system settings. You can apply the following actions to tags in the system: Add new Tags, Rename Tags, Merge Tags, Delete Tags.

We have completely reworked the Tags section in System Settings in Targetprocess v3.11.0 release. All actions were made more clear and simple. Tags are no longer grouped by Projects and Bundles.

Add new Tags

There are two ways for a new Tag to appear in the system:

  • when you edit an entity (such as a User Story, Task, Bug, Feature, Epic etc.) and add a new Tag to it
  • when you manually add a Tag using the Tag Management settings page

Tag Management page

Tags Management page is accessible by Administrators only.

To perform actions with Tags, go to Settings → Tags:

Tag Management page

This page contains a list of all Tags from all Projects. You can use the search field to filter Tags by name. You can also select Tags by checking the checkbox next to their name. When you select a Tag, a number will be displayed that indicates the number of entities that have this Tag.

Add Tag

You can manually add Tags using the "Add tag" button. To do that, click the"Add tag" button, type in new the new Tag name, and press "Enter".

Add Tag

Rename Tag

You can rename Tags using the Tag Management page. Select desired Tag by checking the checkbox next to its name. Then click the "Rename tag" button.

Rename Tag

Type in new tag name and press "Enter" to save your changes.

Manage Tags in System Settings. Image 4

Merge Tags

You can merge multiple Tags. A common scenario for this operation is when you have multiple Tags that mean the same thing, or perhaps some of them have typos.

To merge Tags, first select them by checking the checkbox next to their names and clicking the "Merge X tags" button.

Merge Tags

Then, choose the correct tag name and click the "Merge" button to merge them.

Manage Tags in System Settings. Image 6

Delete Tags

To delete Tags, select them by checking the checkbox next to their names, and then click the "Delete X tags" button.

Delete Tags


Sometimes it is not possible to merge, rename or delete Tags. Should this happen, please request assistance from our Support Team.

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