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Rename Terms (Entity Types)

Terms in Targetprocess are process-specific. Administrators can rename them at any time.

This article describes how to rename entity types (for example, Bugs → Issues). To rename individual work items read other article: Rename an Entity.

Whatever process you use – Scrum, Kanban, or even a custom process for a non-IT domain – Targetprocess allows you to use the terminology that you are accustomed to. You can set up different Terms for various entities on a per-Process basis. Since each project uses a Process, it will inherit the Term names of the Process it is assigned to. You can even choose to translate the main entity names into your native language (though, could just apply localization to your account).

All main assignable entities currently available for renaming in Targetprocess: Release, Iteration, Team Iteration, Epic, Feature, User Story, Request, Bug, Build, Impediment.

Go to Settings → Processes → [Your Process Name] → Terms to change the terminology for entities in Targetprocess.

This tab displays a list of available entities and the Term names they currently use. Each entity has three different values which can be changed: singular and plural forms of your chosen Term, and a graphic icon. The graphic icon, which is meant for instant recognition of an entity in various menus, is generated automatically featuring the first letters of a relevant entity name.

Some words are reserved and cannot be used as Terms. For instance, it is not possible to use Steps as a term since it`s already used in QA area.


Although Targetprocess recognizes English words and automatically provides a plural form, you may set up a completely different name.

As soon as you assign new names to the entities, the old names will be substituted for the new ones on a system-wide basis, thus covering areas such as:

  • Entity view
  • Board setup
  • Add entity (including quick add from the board)
  • Context menu
  • Reports and custom reports
  • Lookups
  • Share board mechanism
  • DSL filter description
  • Printing and Export data (the only column “entity type” remains unchanged to ensure compatibility with an import mechanism)

Please, note that your current context selection influences the terms displayed. Should you have a project with customized names specified, you will see these new names on the screen instead of the defaults.

Even after an entity has been renamed, in some places you may find hints of the original name. This can actually prove to be useful in the event you need to filter cards using advanced DSL filter.

Targetprocess Image

Should you ever need to revert a process back to using the default values for Terms, a Reset to Defaults option is available to do this automatically.

Targetprocess users will often visualize multiple projects on a single board, which can result in certain peculiarities that should be considered when altering terminology.

Mixed project context

If you have several projects based on various processes which have different sets of Terms, the Terms from the process labeled as "default" will be used. If there is no selected project is based on the default process, the Terms will be fetched from the process that is listed first alphabetically.

The terminology that is used is therefore sensitive to selections you make in the project context for a particular view.

Advanced DSL filters and REST API

Terms are not applicable to DSL filter. That is, if Sprint is used instead of Iteration (Iteration being the default name) you should still use Iteration in the DSL filer, e.g. ?Iteration is Current .

The same is true for REST API.


Terminology use should not affect the mashups being installed. The inner structure remains the same and is thus unaffected by Terms. The only item that is subject to change is the text which is displayed on the user interface. You should thus take care about your mashup (if it is based on UI element parsing) and text on UI elements.

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