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Sharing data with external users in view-only mode

Your company may have the need for both internal and external users to access data kept within Targetprocess. These individuals may not work directly on projects but assume a management or observer role. If this is the case, you have the option to publish data in a view-only mode.

In this article we list all available options for providing such access.

Observer Role and Read-Only Data Access

It is possible to create a special user account for read-only access to selected projects. When such an account is added as a member to some project or team, he can view all work items attached to this project or team.

Personal details Project & Teams tab

This user account requires an active license purchase. In the meantime, you’re allowed to share credentials of this account among several people in a group, with each group member having equal access permission to Targetprocess data.

Here we describe how to create Observer role and provide a read-only data access to a user account.

Share Views

When you have an on-demand account with Targetprocess, you already have a special add-on named Share View mashup pre-installed and activated. This feature allows you to share your Views (any mode except One-by-One), Custom Graphic Reports and Dashboards with people who don't have a Targetprocess login.

Share Views

A link to a Shared view with your data is provided by our web server and can be accessible by any user who knows the exact direct link without any password prompt.

Shared views can be embedded into iframe controls on your website. Example:

Share change requests, bug reports, ideas and support tickets with Service Desk

Service Desk module allows you to handle tickets (Requests) submitted by your customers (Requesters).

Share change requests, bug reports, ideas and support tickets with Service Desk

Requester is a special entity in Targetprocess that represents an external user. Every Requester has a name, email address, password, list of associated Requests and can be attached to a certain Company.

As Requesters, your customers and stakeholders can login to a Service desk portal. This allows them to post Requests (i.e. tickets) with their Issues, Questions and Ideas. Also they can vote for existing Requests, communicate with your support staff via comments and emails, and track the status of corresponding User Stories and Bugs.

Requester-user doesn’t require a license to be purchased. You can communicate with as many Requesters as you need and virtually create an unlimited number of Requesters.

Share REST API reports

Some view-only reports can be built and then accessed with our REST API. To build a report query for an external user, you can use authentication token of an existing user as a parameter, so no extra license purchase is needed.

Share REST API report

Here is an example of creating an Integration with Microsoft Excel via REST API. It describes a process of building a simple report within REST API and using an MS Excel editor as a report viewer tool.

Limit access permissions

You might be also interested in our No New Boards mashup, that prevents a user of the particular role or ID to create new views.

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