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Report for total completed Effort / Velocity

It is possible to create a Visual Report that shows how many points or hours of Effort your team completes per unit of time (per week, month, Sprint or Iteration). The report may include user stories only or bugs as well.

Visual reports can group and summarize effort per high-level scope of work (Feature, Epic, Sprint or Iteration, Release, Project), per person, per Role. Visual reports show data in form of charts and can be exported to tabular CSV files.

The report can be created manually.

Click +Create > Report to start building new Visual report.

Targetprocess Image

In the top left corner, select Projects and Teams you're interested in.

Use User Stories, or Bugs, or both these as Data Sources:

Apply a Filter. We're interested in done entities only, therefore filter out them:

?EntityState.IsFinal is true

To narrow date range you're interested in this filter can be combined with filters by dates.

?EntityState.IsFinal is true and EndDate >= Today - 60(days)
?EntityState.IsFinal is True and EndDate >= '1-Jan-2016' and EndDate <= '31-Dec-2016'

Press Update data to load it to the report.

Specify axes:

X: WEEK(EndDate)

Y: SUM(Effort)

Chart type: Stacked bar

Color: Type

Press Finish Setup. Here is how the report looks like:

Additionally, data in the report can be split by groups such as Projects or Teams, Features, Sprints or Iterations, Releases, Custom Field values etc. For this purpose, drag corresponding field from the list of available fields to X or Y axis.

In this example data is grouped by Assigned Team in Y axis:

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