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Detailed Time Reports by Project, User, or Assignable Work Item

Targetprocess supports Inner Lists i.e. embedded or two-level custom reports. You can use the saved report by Time as an inner list for a top level report of following entity types:

Time records in the inner list will be grouped by a top level report entity. Moreover, you can apply Filters to both top level and inner level entries.

Detailed time reports for hierarchical entities are also supported. It is possible to build a detailed time report by user story with tasks and bugs, by feature, by epic, by work item with relations. More information: Detailed Time Reports for Hierarchical Entities.

Tabular Reports

Say, we would like to display time records for all User Stories related to the Current Iteration only. Here is how we can do this:

  1. Create an inner report by Time using the guide above and save it.
  2. Click the Create new custom report link.
  3. In the Entity tab, choose a process for your report. Use the one that your Project is based on (see here how to locate it).All Processes option is good unless you require to get a Custom Fields data (Custom Fields are process-specific).
  4. Choose User Story as a top level entity for the report.
  5. In the Columns tab, choose columns with the User Story data that you would like to display in your top level report. ID, Name, Time Spent, Iteration → Name could possibly fit best.
  6. In the Filters tab, add a filter to select User Stories from the Current Iteration only. Press the Add Criteria button and select Iteration : Is Current / equal to / true options for that. You may possibly want to filter out items without any Time Spent records; then add one more filter: Time Spent / greater than / 0. Custom Reports are independent from the Teams / Projects context selected, so Project → ID, Name, Abbreviation are most useful to specify the Project your report is created for.
  7. In the Summary Columns tab you can add some summary columns or just skip this step.
  8. In the Inner Lists tab press the Add Inner List button to add an existing Saved Report as an Inner list. Select Times as Collection in the first dropdown. Select your Time-based report in the second dropdown.

Targetprocess Image

  1. In the Settings tab, type the name for your new Custom Report and specify page sizing.
  2. Press Save & Run Report.

You will get a two-level spreadsheet with User Stories as a top level record and Times as an inner list. Now User Story rows contain a small green “plus” icon on the left. Click it to expand an inner list with related Time records.

Targetprocess Image

If your Report is based on a User Story entity, the Time Spent column is always a sum of Times Spent for the User Story itself plus Times Spent for all child Tasks.

Now you can print your report or export it to MS Excel.

Check out other Time Spent Reports available in Targetprocess.

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