Project and Team selection is reset

Sometimes the Project and Team menu in the top bar does not save selected options when switching views. Whenever you switch between views and return to the last view you were using, you have to select all items you’re interested in from the Team / Project menu, because these settings are not being saved and remembered by the application.

By default, Views don’t persist the selection of Project(s) and Team(s). However, the are two options to remember these selections.

Set default projects and teams

A view does remember saved selection when the special Set default projects and teams filter is set in the View Setup tab. The View owner or Targetprocess admin can control this option.

Project/Team View Filter

For your frequently used Views that keep forgetting their context, you can review their settings and proceed with the following steps to save each View’s context:

  1. Select the View in the left menu to open it
  2. Click gray Actions -> Set up View buttons to open View Settings
  3. Open Setup tab
  4. Press Not specified button under Set default projects and teams label
  5. Make your desired selections in the Projects / Teams list and press Set button to apply them
  6. Press blue Finish setup button

When an admin or view owner modifies these settings, they are applied for each of the view users.

Bookmark a view in your web browser

The full URL address of the view page contains the encoded selection of Project(s) and Team(s). To start your work in Targetprocess with a particular default View opened and Project(s) and Team(s) pre-selected, we recommend you to bookmark a link to a view in your web browser. 

The following keyboard shortcuts can be used to quickly Bookmark a web page:

  • Ctrl+D in Chrome
  • Ctrl+D in Mozilla Firefox
  • Alex

    So you can really create 2 Scrum boards if you want:
    Scrum board (Alpha Project)
    Scrum board (Beta Project)
    and set the default Project (and Team) for each one

  • Vincent van ’t Zand

    That’s nice to have as an option, but I’d like to see the mainstream case covered. Or at least the situation that most teams trying out TP will start with: one team and one project (although the same applies for more of each, because it has to do with how new accounts are setup). Remember that many people won’t follow the step-by-step tutorial, just because it’s forced on them!

    So why not setup each new account with ‘Any project, any team’ as the default? (Especially since you already seem to rely on them changing this setting anyway.)

  • Natalia

    It sounds like a good idea and I have posted it to our Uservoice portal:
    Feel free to support it with your votes and comments.

  • Josef Hermanns

    I am preparing the switch from TP2 to TP3 client. In this respect, the above described issue is really annoying. In our organization users are working on a number of projects in parallel and project leads are responsible for several projects. Having to reselect the project of choice every time I switch between views is therefore a no go function. Duplicating views with preset projects is fine, however the list might be too long for some of them. Within TP2 this is actaully nicely supported, why is this function missing in TP3 and when will it come back ?

  • Anna Ko

    I understand your confusion here – in most cases people would need to
    switch context while navigating fromto TP2 and TP3 user interfaces.
    The reason is simple: unlike the old one, new UI has an option to work
    with the Teams. Context menu cannot stay the same in this case, as teams
    do not exist in the previous version of the software.

    What I would suggest, is using browser favorites or bookmarks for TP2 pages: projects context is saved via URL so you should get the right selection in this case.

  • Simon Bestbier

    I think this is my biggest pain point with the system – having to reset the project and team when changing views. It would be great for this to be a bit more persistent.

  • Andrey Metelsky

    @sbestbier:disqus If default ProjectTeam context menu (that is located in the settings field) is non specified for particular views – Teams and Projects in the next view will be set as in the previous one at the global TeamProject context (that is located at the top of the page). And vice versa you can define Teams and Projects in default TeamProject context so in this view context won`t be changed regardless of other.

  • Kate Kuo

    Only Admin could add Project/Program? member can only add from epic, right? Or it;s just depends on how the admin set? Thanks.

  • Kate

    Hello Kate,

    Admin can set permissions for different Roles in Targetprocess. Among these permissions there is one to ADD/Edit Project. Find out more at

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