How to attach existing Bug to a User Story or Feature?

  • How do I attach an existing Bug to a User Story so that it appears under its Bugs tab? When testing a story, it is easy to add a new bug that will appear under the Bugs tab for the story. But there is no lookup function for existing bugs there.
  • Please assign bugs to stories from bugs end and not from stories' end. You open a Bug, on the right side find Info panel. Click on User Story field: in the lookup you can select an existing story. Done: now Bug is linked to a User Story and appears in its Bugs tab.

It is also possible to use Board view to attach bugs to stories. Set up a view showing Bugs as cards and User Stories as lanes (rows or columns). Focus on two lanes: "No User Story" lane and the lane of your target story. Then assign a bug card to a story lane within drag'n'drop.

The same way you can attach existing Bug to a Feature so that it appears under its Bugs tab.

These are existing limitations in Targetprocess tool. Hopefully we'll improve this behavior sooner or later.

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  • Ivy Valentine

    Hello! So, some of my testers are making bugs within test plan runs, but what we’re noticing is that sometimes the feature is automatically linked to the bug (which is what we want). but other times, nothing is automatically linked. These are test plan runs based off of requests and user stories rolled up to the feature, so confused why this is happening sometimes, but not others. Any insight anyone?

  • Bogdan Skaskiv

    Hello Ivy!
    Features,user stories or both will be automatically attached to the bug created during running test plan run if its test plan run is linked to one of these entities ( ). If this is not the case and this test plan has no direct relation to any of these entities, then bug won’t be assigned to feature. Please send us examples of bugs and test plan runs which should follow the feature but don’t do that. Please use for this purpose.
    Best regards,

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