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Drag-n-drop Cards in Batches

You can update multiple cards together on Board and Roadmap views. Select them and use drag-n-drop action.

Use a rectangle to select many cards. It is very similar to how you select multiple files in Windows Explorer or OS X Finder:

  • Use SPACE + mouse to move the rectangle on the screen
  • Use the SHIFT + mouse rectangle to add more cards into the selection
  • Use Ctrl (Cmd on Mac) + mouse click to add a card into the selection
  • Use the ALT + rectangle to remove some cards from the selection

Drag-n-drop Cards in Batches. Image 1

Then you can prioritize the selected cards or move them into another cell. For example, if you have a simple Kanban Board with states, you can change a state for a number of cards. You may have a more complex view with user stories grouped by features and by priorities. So, with a single action you can move the selected user stories into another feature and change their priority.

Drag-n-drop Cards in Batches. Image 2

Be careful with Batch drag and drop, you can move many cards into some wrong cell and there is no undo.

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