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Mention people and teams in comments

Sometimes while adding a comment you need to be sure that a particular person will read it. Just mention the person you need in your comment and he/she will get an email notification.

It is very similar to Twitter mentions. Type @ sign with the first letters of user’s name, then you will see a list of matching people. Select one you want. You can mention several people in a single comment for sure.

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When you reply to a comment, a person who added the comment will be auto mentioned.

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A person who was mentioned in the comment will receive an email notification with a full comment text:

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Mention Teams in comments

When you start typing several symbols after an '@' symbol, you will now not only see a list of users, but also a list of teams above the users. If you mention a team, then all its members receive an email notification. In the comment, the mentioned Team (or User) becomes a link to the Team's (or User's) view.

Mentions in Markdown editor

When you use Markdown editor, the syntax for mentions is quite different.

@mention single user:

@user:admin[Targetprocess Administrator] Test message to Admin

@mention team users:

@team:123[iOS Team] Test message to all members of iOS team

You don't need to remember the syntax because as soon as you start to type @ and following text, the smart popup with suggestions appears automatically.

Mention external users

Abilities to @mention external users who do not have Targetprocess account and @mention Service Desk requesters are not supported so far.

Customize email templates

Mention Created email template can be edited by Administrators on the Settings -> System Settings -> Email Notifications page.

How to see all the mentions in one place?

List of comments you're mentioned in

There is a dashboard widget that shows latest comments added to entities in selected Projects and Teams. It is possible to see comments related to you: the ones you're tagged it, and the comments to entities you follow or assigned to or.

View Filters for entities with @mentions

If you know the email of @mentioned user it is possible to create a View with all the items where he/she was ever mentioned. Here is how the filter looks like:


The view filter is based on a fact that whenever you @mention a user, his/her email is inserted into corresponding comment.

You can use only permanent filters here and it is not possible to make this filter variable and referring to currently logged in user.

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