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How to link Team Iterations and Releases

In a case when you have multiple related projects running together you may want to coordinate them with cross-project Releases. When you have a team working on many projects in the same time, you may want plan and organize work of the team with cross-project Team Iterations. Team Iterations are not directly connected to Releases and cannot be assigned to them. However it is still possible to link Team Iterations with Releases.

Link within Assigned Work Items

It is possible to assign a work item such as User Story, Task, or Bug both to a Team Iteration and to a Release.

The figure below illustrates the setup. Team A works on two projects, Project X and Project Y. The team is assigned to both projects. Work of the team is organized with Team Iterations. Team Iterations #1, #2, #3 are assigned to the Team A. Work on the projects is coordinated using cross-project Releases. Releases #1, #2 are assigned both to Project X and Project Y. Team Iterations are not assigned to Releases. Every work item is assigned to a single Project, Release, Team, Team Iteration.

Link within Assigned Work Items

Link within Relations

For additional transparency, we recommend to link Releases with Team Iterations within Relations. Add an outbound Relation from a Release to a Team Iteration to link them.

An Outbound Relation from a Release to a Team Iteration

When Team Iterations are related to Releases, it is possible to visualize the connections and dates on a dedicated timeline view. On the view, the Team Iterations are displayed on the timeline according to their start and end dates. The Team Iterations are grouped by related Release. Start and end dates for the Releases are displayed within the lighter tone of the background color.

Team Iterations by Release Timeline

Here is how the view is configured. Team Iteration entity is selected as the cards. Inbound Relations are selected as horizontal lanes.

Team Iterations Timeline View Setup

More information about the view:

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