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Integration between Targetprocess and Slack

It is possible to get selected alerts from Targetprocess to Slack, and submit an entity to Targetprocess from your Slack directly. Each direction is configured separately.

Powerful two-way integration between Slack and Targetprocess has not been created so far. We gather ideas, feedback and votes regarging this improvement.

Display alerts from Targetprocess in Slack

It is possible to let Targetprocess to send a notification to Slack channel when an entity (for example, Request or User Story or Bug) is created in a specific project. Read how to configure webhooks properly both on Slack side and Targetprocess side on our Developers portal.

Display alerts from Targetprocess in Slack

Create an entity in Targetprocess from Slack

It is also possible to configure a backwards integration. We recommend to use Zapier service as a data connector. This third-party tool supports Slack as data source and Targetprocess as destination.

Here is how we configured the rules. In Slack channel we type !!!Make database backup. The integration creates a Request entity with name "!!!Make database backup" in "DevOps" project in Targetprocess. A new request immediately appears on Kanban board for this project.

Detailed step-by-step guide on how to set up such integration is available: Create new items in Targetprocess from Slack

Contact our support team if you require a detailed guidance for similar setup.

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