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Team Workflow Metrics and Reports

team workflow is a sub-workflow of the main project workflow, and it is associated with a team. Team workflows are used when there are multiple teams working on the same projects and teams prefer to work on items in their own way. This article describes metrics and reports based on team workflows and team workflow states.

Cycle time

You can click the Cycle Time link in the Teams section to see the period and the duration of the Cycle Time for Teams assigned to an entity.

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Reports based on Cycle time are described in this dedicated article.

Burn Down chart

You can track a team iteration Burn Down when a team follows an explicit Team Workflow for its work items, so the team workflow states and roles settings are used for the Burn Down calculation. Therefore, a work item is considered as complete when one of the following is true:

  • An item leaves the last Team Workflow state
  • Remaining Effort for all responsible Roles covered by the Team Workflow settings becomes equal to zero


Build the Visual Reports and Tabular Reports with Team Workflow states. See how to access the required details: Export Team Workflow States to Tabular Reports


It is possible to retrieve the Team Workflow state name for an entity. Use the fields ResponsibleTeam or AssignedTeams:


The ResponsibleTeam field always returns a single responsible team and the name of the current entity state from its workflow.


The AssignedTeams collection helps you to get the names of team workflow states from the point of view of all teams assigned to an entity.

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