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7 years ago

TargetProcess: Infographics

We like infographics. It is a very good way to represent information. We decided to share some interesting info about our company, development process and the product. Enjoy!

Our Office

Office Statistics

Work in TargetProcess

Workplace and Work Environment

Development Process


About TargetProcess

Customers World Map

  • cigar reviews

    Your bill may say you used 70 MB at 2 am but that could be the aggregate for the last day or two. Getting better data reporting could help clear that up. Check out BillShrink&#39s inforgraphic comparing the different plans.

  • Greg Bacchus

    looks like a great place to work 🙂

  • Evgeny Sokolov

    It made my heart beat faster..

  • Michael Dubakov

    Why? 🙂