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4 months ago

CI/CD Integrations Improvements

This autumn we introduced a beta version of CI/CD integrations. During the last quarter of 2019 we were gathering and analyzing feedback and have now made relevant improvements.

Proxiable integrations

Source code management and CI/CD systems are often on-site installations behind a firewall. Firewalls, and other security related restrictions, do not allow requests to repositories from cloud-based third party systems. They also don't save access tokens with administrator permissions in any DevOps integration profile in a cloud installation of Targetprocess.

We introduced a proxy service to overcome this, which allows you to keep an admin access token to the repository within its infrastructure, and all requests from Targetprocess will be directed to a proxy client instead of using direct access to repos. Read more in this post.

Changed rules for branches, merge requests and pull requests naming

In beta, all numbers in the branch name were considered as potential IDs. It caused faulty relations to targetprocess entities that could not be removed.

Now only numbers with prefixes are considered as Targetprocess entity IDs:

#, tp, us, userstory, story, bug, task, feature, release

Prefixes can be followed by separators:

'-', '/', '', '_', ''

Multiple entities might get linked to a single branch, merge request, or pull request

A single pull request can now address several bugs or duplicated requests. This allows you to mention several entities in the name of a merge request, which along with its branch, will attach to all mentioned IDs.

Detach a merge request, pull request, or branch from an entity

We also learned from feedback that occasionally entities could get linked to pull requests and a branch by mistake. Now, if you rename the merge or pull request and remove the ID from the name, the entity will be detached from the merge or pull request and the branch (if no other merge requests on this branch mention this ID).

For inactive branches and requests there is a 'detach' option in the entity view.

(Note: detached from entity view pull or merge requests that contain an ID in the name will be linked back with the next merge request change or update. For active branches, a merge or pull request must be renamed in the repo to detach properly.)

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