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6 years ago

Targetprocess 3.5.1: QA area improvements

Filter User Stories and Bugs by Feature

When you have a board that shows User Stories and Bugs at the same time, you can filter them by Feature now. So you can create a board that shows everything related to a specific Feature.

QA Area: Test Plans tab on a Test Case and a Test Plan views

As you know a test case or a test plan can be linked to many different test plans. On a Test Plans tab you can find what exactly test plans the current test case/plan is linked to. It can be very useful when you decide to update a test case/plan and need to know what test plans would be affected by this change.

You can also unlink a test case/plan from the test plans it's linked to straight from this tab.

QA Area: The Skipped test case run result has been renamed to On Hold

The Skipped test case run result has been renamed to On Hold. Now you can mark a test case run, which can't be executed right now, as On Hold and return to it later. You can also skip a test case run. To do that just open the next test case run.

Fixed Bugs

#92980 Mylyn connector to work with Targetprocess later than v.3.4.3
#93457 Support <table> in comments
#92046 Batch move requests get stuck when test cases move between test plans with test plan runs
#92274 "You are using the in-browser JSX transformer" warning in Firefox v.33
#92911 Search doesn't work after changing assignments
#93283 Mention is not emailed, if there is a deleted user with the same email address

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