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6 years ago

Targetprocess 3.5.2: Test case runs & bugs relations and updated counters

Test Case Runs and Bugs Relations

The newly introduced test case run and bug relation feature adds the ability to create bugs related to a test case that is currently being executed. As a result, you can track how many issues have been found during the execution of the whole test plan run.

To add a bug related to a test case run, simply click the Create Bug button on a test case run view, give the bug a name and click the Add or Add & Open button.

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A new bug will be created and linked to the current test case run automatically.

All the bugs related to a test case run are shown on the bugs tab of a test case run view.

Here you can see and update bugs details such as business value, severity and also assign bugs to people so they can be fixed.

If you’ve found a bug which already exists in the system, you can simply link it to the current test case run using the lookup window. This way bugs are not duplicated and we can specify how many test case runs a bug has affected.

The ability to link existing bugs provides a great way to track how many rounds of testing a bug was not fixed, as you can simply link the same bugs to different executions of the same test case or a test plan.

In case a bug has been created by mistake or it should not be linked to a test case run, it can be unlinked. Right click to open the context menu and unlink it from the test case run.

With the Open/Total Bugs unit added to the test plan/case list it’s quite easy to get an idea on how many bugs have been found and how many still need to be fixed during the current test plan run execution.

The same unit can be added to test plan run cards on a board, list and timeline view modes. 


QA Area: Unlink a Test Plan from a parent Test Plans

To see how many test plans the current test plan is included to, we've recently introduced the Test Plans tab on a test plan view. It's useful to look at this tab when you plan to update the current test plan to know how many test plans will be affected by your changes.

In this release we've added the possibility to quickly unlink the current test plan from its parent test plans. Simply right click on a parent test plan and select unlink.

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List: Counters showing the number of entities at the very last inner lever

The counters in lists now show the number of entities at the last inner level instead of showing the number of entities on the next level. As an example, this allows you to see how many bugs and user stories are in every state, even if they are grouped by project or any other property.

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Fixed Bugs

#93913 QA Area: Fixed Test Plan Run card customization mode
#86816 QA Area: Fixed an error " Oops... Something's wrong" thrown in Test Step editor
#93094 QA Area: Fixed "Data layer exception occurred" when deleting Test Case in TP2

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