TargetProcess v.2.23.3 | Targetprocess - Visual management software
8 years ago

TargetProcess v.2.23.3

Brief summary of this article:

This release is quite small and boring. The good thing is that now you can setup email notifications for each process independently.


  • Process-specific email notifications
  • Test Runs: optional grouping by User Story
  • Generate and send credentials to users (for Admin only), mass users delete

Fixed Bugs

  • Sorting by Summary column breaks custom reports
  • Not able to add a new project if there's a Rich Text custom field for Project in the default Process
  • Bugzilla: PluginData folder not cleared when the profile is deleted
  • Incorrect custom field values set if a Request is moved/copied to a Project with another Process
  • Attachments are not available in TP HelpDesk if stored in the db

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