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9 years ago

TargetProcess v 2.20.8 Released

There're two new features in TargetProcess v 2.20.8:

1.  Custom fields are now available in quick Add Test Case pop-up

How it was:

As a QA Engineer (Product Owner, Developer) you were working with a User Story, using Test Cases tab to review test cases for this user story. You wanted to Quickly Add Test Case, and you were in Add Test Case screen view, adding a test case.  No custom fields (such as Test Type and Risk in the screen below) were available in this view previously. You had to get back to edit/view screen for each particular test case to specify values for custom fields.

How it works now:

Custom fields for test cases are available in Quick Add test case view. You can fill in all the fields for a test case w/o getting back to a standalone test case add/edit view (click on the screen below for a larger image):
Custom fields

2.  Taskboard: Hide tasks completed before a particular date

How it was:

With too many tasks  in the taskboard view, all you could do (as a Scrum Master or Product Owner) was to filter the tasks by iterations/releases or by people. This helped but not always, and the taskboard would look too clogged.

How it works now:

You can hide tasks closed before a particular date. Obsolete tasks are removed from the view and this makes for a more focused planning and tracking.

Hide tasks completed

Bugs fixed in 2.20.8:

#30897 Predefined Reports: projects order is incorrect; projects tree is invalid: programs are missing, projects are mixed
#31074 Cannot save project changes
#28814 My Impediments dashboard component should only show impediments for which user is responsible

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