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1 year ago

Update: View setup and Search improvements. Temporary filters on visual reports.

View setup improvements

We'd like to announce an upcoming feature.

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We are working on view setup improvements right now. One of the things we are creating is your own quick filter. A custom filter will be added to a view header and applied to cards, lanes, or both. It can be anything - PI, PE, User, Tag, Custom Field, literally anything, even related to PI. This improvement will be useful if you create a lot of new views just to filter them by a specific PI or Portfolio Epic. Let us know if you're interested in this feature. We can turn on alpha for your account and show you how to use it. Contact us here using support, product specialist, on the slack community, or in the comments for this post.

Search improvements

We've moved the service bar, the one with multiple filters and checkboxes, to the right-hand side. This is so the primary goal - search result can be on the left.

We've recently added the ability to filter by inactive Projects. By default, only items from active Projects are shown. When you check the 'Show items from inactive Projects' option you will see entities from inactive projects, and if you open the Projects filter you will see inactive Projects shown with a light gray font color. You can select specific projects in this filter, including inactive ones.
Inactive Teams and their Team Iterations are never shown in search results.

To make search clearer we've renamed 'Sort by' and its options. Now it is:

‘Follow’ action is added into right-click context-menu

We have added the ‘Follow’ action into the right-click context-menu. Now there is no need to open the detailed view of the card if you want to start receiving notifications about any changes with a specific work item. Also, it allows you to follow multiple entities at once:

Custom field description is now available on Quick Add screen

Descriptions set in the custom field setting are not only displayed in the detailed view, but also on the Quick Add screen. Also, you can see a hint while adding a new work item:

'Milestone' unit can be added to a card

Now you can customize cards on your views by adding a ‘Milestone’ unit:

You can show either the colored flag or the whole Milestone name with the date.

Visual reports: Ability to add temporary filters on the report view page

In this release, we have added the ability to include user filters from the report view page. Now you can quickly explore data by applying user selected temporary filters. For more information please follow this link.

Visual reports: Improved report update interval setting

We've added the ability to set an update interval from the editor and create a page screen. You are still able to change it from the report view screen. This means that now it's possible to set an update interval during the report creation.

There is one more bit of good news. Now it's possible to disable automatic data update for your reports. Select the "Manually" option to disable automatic data updates.

Minor improvements

'Tab' key inputs 'tab' symbol in text and does not pass focus to the next control in Markdown text editor.


  • Rename context action in List views now always toggles on the inline editor
  • List CSV export now works correctly with the Company unit on Project
  • Visual Reports: fixed chart filters for arrays
  • Visual Reports: rows with null dates are ignored in RUNNING calculations if such rows are excluded from the chart
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