Targetprocess v.3.13.2: minor bug fixes | Targetprocess - Visual management software

4 months ago

Targetprocess v.3.13.2: minor bug fixes

  • Improved list view widget on dashboard. Now you can open the full list view with the current dashboard's projects/teams filter
  • Fixed: Time spent/remain calculations for Portfolio Epics are now accurate
  • Fixed: If you did not have some ‘Edit’ permissions, you could not delete entities with relations or unlink relations. Now, you can delete entities, even with delete permission only for the entity you are deleting.
  • Fixed: The Git plugin did not recognize the valid connection URL. Now, it works properly with SSH URLs
  • Fixed: Export to CSV failed if feature was assigned to team iterations
  • Fixed: Custom field label capitalization in list view column headers
  • Fixed: The live updates in grouped axis. Now cards must not disappear from Team Sprints lane
  • Fixed:  The email integration plugin failed to create request, if the name of the message was more than 255 characters. Now the character length won’t stop request from being generated.
  • Fixed: If you have replied to a comment  with a “@user” mention,  it was still being saved and inserted into another comment reply. Now, unsaved replies are no longer being dropped into the wrong comments
  • Fixed: The AND operator in REST API v1 was case-sensitive, but it isn’t anymore.
  • Fixed: Several permissions and visibility bugs, like comments, relations hidden on a team or project view for non admin users; tags or team iterations visibility in customized card
  • Fixed: You are no longer required to have ‘Edit User’ permission in order to add a requester to a request; using 'Edit Request' in team/project is enough

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