Targetprocess v.3.8.10
7 years ago

Targetprocess v.3.8.10: Group Team Iterations, “Assign to me” in context menu, “Skip” action for test steps, new Time entity, bug fixes

Group Team Iteration axis if Team is selected as another axis

If you plan work for Team Iterations with the same start date across multiple teams, your life has just become easier! Selecting the Team and Team Iteration axes on views with work items will group Team Iterations into one column.

If you work with SAFe or have cross-team dependencies, you will love using this new functionality with the Show Relations mashup. The mashup adds a button to your top bar which allows you to visualize cross-team dependencies of different types (blockers, relations, dependencies).

Here is an example of a Program Board with the mashup turned on. The visual representation of relations can help you to identify risks caused by dependencies early-on in the planning stage.

"Assign to me" in the context menu

From now on, it will take less clicks to assign an entity to yourself. You can do it directly from a board; just select ‘Assign To Me’ from the context menu of the card you want to assign.

Timeline: Planned vs Actual sections

In case Planned and Actual sections are separated on a Timeline, they will now be connected with a line.

"Skip" action for test steps

Do you want to skip certain test steps during a test case execution? Now you can use the new "Skip" button. You can return back to these test steps later or skip them entirely for the current test plan run.

Improved navigation in search popup

We've improved backwards navigation (using your browser's "Back" button). Search results will now be available through direct link when you navigate back to a page.

Time entity: List, Board

It used to be difficult to get a list of certain time entries in Targetprocess. Now, you can create Board and List views that display Time as cards. You can group them by User, Spent Date or other fields, and you can filter or sort them as you like.

In the example below, we’ve selected Person as the lane for Time cards on a List View. Now, we can easily see the individual time entries which have been posted in the last three days:

Minor design changes

We've implemented a new design for sliders, updated the text for deep link confirmation pages and made general improvements to optimize:

  • gray and black backgrounds
  • board perfomance when many cards need to be updated

Fixed Bugs:

  • Fixed an issue when Planned section would hide Actual section on Timelines
  • Fixed inconsistency of icons for teams without icons
  • Inactive projects are shown only on views where projects are selected as cards
  • Fixed possibility to allocate user for 1 day
  • Fixed filter by dropdown CF in lookup
  • Fixed error when user clicks to open Diagnostic Report
  • Fixed an issue where Test Plan Run would not be moved to the new Release along with the Iteration
  • Fixed an issue with reloading Entities when user creates Relation from Relations tab
  • Fixed format of dates in exported files
  • Fixed list layout issue when performing inline edits
  • Fixed an error when you change the value of drop down CF via a board
  • Fixed an issue where the direct link in the context menu of a Project didn't open the Project
  • Fixed inline editing for values from Custom fields on time cards
  • Fixed inconsistency of links in Markdown and CK Editor
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