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3 years ago

Targetprocess v.3.8.4: Requests as lanes, minor bug fixing

Requests as lanes on view

Here at Targetprocess, we manage our requests via relations, and we bind defects or user stories to customer requests as Outbound Relations. In v.3.8.4, we've introduced the ability to select Request entity type as a lane on a Relations Board. For example, you can now set up a list of open requests whose dependencies are completed by using Request as a lane, filtering by lane using '?OutboundRelations.Where(Outbound.EntityState.IsFinal is True) and EntityState.IsFinal is False' and selecting Outbound Relations as the view's cards.
Requests as lanes on view

From this list, it's easy to understand which requests have been fixed. You can also notify requesters directly about the release version which contains the fix.


 Fixed Bugs:

  • Fixed failure to search for project IDs on lists of projects
  • Fixed problem with the possibility to share views/folders with members of any projects/teams (even if user doesn't have access to them)
  • Fixed incorrect selection of the first item in the list of relation popup after selecting any item
  • Fixed issue with an inability to select all projects/teams in the access popup by checking All projects/teams checkbox
  • Fixed problems with styles in a finish iteration view when it is opened in a separate tab
  • Fixed issue with the possibility to allocate an inactive user to a project
  • Fixed the incorrect display of some currencies in follow notifications
  • Fixed extremely high CPU usage when try to open Burn Down for a release with a large number of entities

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