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5 years ago

Upcoming Feature: Custom Graphical Reports (MVF)

Targetprocess focuses on visualization. Our ultimate goal is to give you an astonishing visibility into project management. While Targetprocess already provides nice tools like boards, lists and timelines, it lacks some important and obvious functionality: custom graphical reports. Without them it is almost impossible see trends and find patterns in aggregated data. Our first release of Custom Graphical Reports will solve this problem.

The scope of MVF is:

  1. Create custom reports from 20-30 most popular templates. We are defining them now. Add these reports into Groups, share them with teams or keep them private.
  2. Line, Bar and Scatterplot charts will be supported
  3. Aggregated data and Date axis will be supported. For example, it will be possible to see how many bugs were fixed in every project by weeks, or how average Cycle time changes with time for every development team.
  4. You will be able to print report or save it as a PDF file.
  5. It will be possible to create almost any report using DSL (special language for report creation). We consider this feature as temporary and the goal is to explore various reports while we are working on GUI.

Setup Report from Template

When you create a new report, you will have to provide a source for the report. For example, you want to see something for done User Stories. In this case you select User Story card and specify a filter.

Then you will have a choice from 20+ templates. On the image below there is a chart that shows Cycle Time and Effort, so you can see how effort affects Cycle Time. Size of every circle represents how many bugs each User Story has. So you can see that Cycle Time is very unstable for, let' say, User Stories with 1 pt of Effort and varies from 1 to 30 days.

Report from template

So many charts

It will be possible to create various charts. Just few more examples:

This chart shows how many User Stories each Feature has. Large Features are clearly visible.

Line chart

This chart shows how effort and cycle time are different for every development team. It looks like Exploited team has more diverse cycle time that two other teams. All teams don't have large user stories, which is good.

Effort and Cycle Time by Team

Setup chart from DSL

In the first release it will be possible to setup any chart with a special language. It is not an easy option and we mainly add it to check various reports ourselves, but still there will be a possibility to build some advanced reports:

Chart DSL

After MVF

Questions we want to answer after MVF release:

  1. How important reports for historical data? Like what stories moved from one iteration to another, what states have more bottlenecks, etc.
  2. What interactions people want on reports? Drill down to more details, jump to related boards, etc.
  3. How to design a really usable UI for custom reports creation?
  4. Did we miss some important report types?

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