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10 years ago

Updated Rank Concept in TargetProcess

Quite often we're asked about the concept of Rank in TargetProcess, how it is calculated, and how someone can change it, so in this post we'll get more insight into that.

Before the 2.17.2 release, the concept of Rank worked to prioritize entities with the same Business Value e.g.  for  several Must Have User Stories - you could drag and drop some User Story and thus assign a higher priority.  Rank was related  to Business value: the higher rank, the higher value and the more important User Story was.

Starting from release 2.17.2  we have changed the concept: now Rank is not directly related to Business Value and it works more as  Order concept than Rank. A number of our clients have requested this feature, so we implemented this  to provide more flexibility for work with User Stories queue. For example, you might have a User Story with Nice to Have value, but for some reason it needs to be implemented first from all the queue  of User Stories with all Business Values. Possible reasons for that: a developer who can do this User Story has no other tasks now, the Must Have User Stories are waiting on someone else etc.  So this User Story can be placed on top of the list in Prioritize screen:

Updated Rank Concept in TargetProcess. Image 1

You can  also reorder User Stories and Bugs  in Iteration Planning area. In the screenshot below, "Galaxy Points" User Story has got a higher Rank although it's got only Great business value as opposed to Must Have values of lower ranked User Stories:

Updated Rank Concept in TargetProcess. Image 2

See our User Guide for Rank Concept as well.

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