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Test Plan Runs Cycle Time Trends

This Visual Report shows average duration time of Test Plan Runs in your system. The report is intended to be used with Testing Module in Targetprocess.

The report uses built-in field named Cycle Time. Cycle time is calculated as difference between Start Date and End Date of each Test Plan Run. The report has monthly resolution and shows separate trend line per each project.

Test Plan Runs Cycle Time Trends. Image 1

More information about built-in metrics used in this chart: Lead Time and Cycle Time

How to create the Report

Click +Create > Report to start building new Visual report.

How to create the Report

Create report from Blank template.

How to create the Report. Image 3

We recommend to use the following Sources settings as initial ones:

  • Source type: Entity Reports
  • Projects and teams: make required selection
  • Entities: Test Plan Runs

Apply Filter for data source. Its purpose is to select only closed Test Plan Runs. Syntax of Advanced Filters is used.

?EndDate is not None

How to create the Report. Image 4

Press Create report button. Then use the following setup for the chart:

  • Horizontal axis:
    • Field: EndDate
    • Data > Group: Month
    • Appearance > Scale: Period
  • Vertical axis:
    • Field: Cycle Time
    • Data > Aggregate: Avg
  • Chart Type: Line chart
  • Color: Project

How to create the Report. Image 5

Press Finish setup button. Your chart is ready!

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