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Testing module / QA Area overview

The QA Area in Targetprocess is designed to help you manage test-related activities in your company. It includes the possibility to manage your test design process (e.g. track what test cases and plans are in design phase right now and which are ready to be executed and who is working on them) and also allows you to track the execution (testing) process (e.g. tracking which test plans and test cases have been executed, what defects were found through testing, etc.)

Testing module / QA Area entities hierarchy

There are the following entities in the QA Area in Targetprocess:

Test Case - a single test, which is executed to test a piece of functionality. It has a description and a set of test steps; each test step consists of its own description and an expected result.

Test Plan - a set of test cases and lower level test plans, which are usually created to test some specific functionality (as a feature, user story, release, build, etc) or run repeating test activities such as a smoke test, regression test, etc.

Test Case Run - a single execution of a test case. A test case run is created every time a test case needs to be executed and a test case can have one or more test case runs.

Test Plan Run - a single execution of a test plan. A test plan run is created manually every time a test plan needs to be executed and consists of test case runs. A test plan can have one or more test plan runs.

Bug - defects or failures which are found during test plans/cases execution.

QA Area entities hierarchy

Test flow

Test Flow in Targetprocess 3 is the following:

  • Create or import test cases/plans
  • Execute test cases/test plans
  • See test results

Test case/plan creation

Test cases and test plans in Targetprocess can be created manually as well as be imported from a .csv file. You can create an independent list of test cases and test plans and organise them to a test plan, if required, or create a list of test cases and test plans straight in a test plan.

When it comes time to test a specific entity, as a feature, release, iteration, request and others, an Entity Test Plan can be also added on an entity’s view.

A single Test Case and a Test Plan can belong to one or more Test Plans.

To see the only Test Plans, which don't have parent Test Plans, as lanes use '?ParentTestPlans.Count == 0' filter for Test Plans lanes.

To see which test plans are in design and which are ready to be executed, select test plans to be shown as cards and states to be shown as lanes (please notice that you can change a test plan workflow to reflect your company test plan design process):

Test case/plan creation

When a test plan is created, it is ready to be executed.

Test case/plan execution

Test plan execution

Test plan execution process consists of execution of all the test cases in it. Test cases are executed one by one according to their order in a test plan. To execute a test plan a new test plan run, associated with the test plan, should be created. It can be done for example from a test plan view.

Test plan execution

Find out more about test plan run creation here.

As soon as a test plan is created for an entity a new Test Plan section will become visible in the right section of an entity view, so that you can quickly overview test plan details. To open a test plan view, click a test plan details icon in this section.

Testing module / QA Area overview. Image 4

A new test plan run should be created every time a test plan needs to be executed. This allows to track history of a test plan executions. To start a test plan run execution, click a Run button. You will be automatically moved to a test plan run view and the next to execute test case run will be opened.

Testing module / QA Area overview. Image 5

Here you can go through every test case and specify a run result for every of them. More details about test plan run execution can be found in the related article.

When a test plan run execution has been completed, you can move a test plan run to the final state.

Test case/plan run execution results

After a test plan run execution has been completed, its results will be visible on a test plan run view. You can see how many test cases have been Passed, Failed, Skipped or remain On Hold or Blocked within a test plan run.

Test case/plan run execution results

There are several more places to see and analyse test plan run results.

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