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Test Run Results Dynamics / Timeline Report

If you perform regression test activities, you have some fixed scope of features and corresponding test plan for performing testing activities. You would probably need to quickly get an idea of how the overall quality of the test plan progresses over time. Test Run Results Timeline Report can help you to track and visualize the quality and plan QA and Development activities timely. The report is intended to be used with Testing Module in Targetprocess.

Test Plans in Targetprocess contain individual Test Cases. During execution of Test Plan Run, each Test Case is set into one of the following statuses: Failed, Passed, Blocked, On hold, Not run. This Visual Report displays the historical summary of test cases' statuses during multiple runs of the same test plan. As a result you get a bar chart. Its vertical axis shows the count of passed, failed and skipped test cases. Bars on horizontal axis show test plan runs one by one or grouped daily / weekly / monthly / by releases / iterations (sprints) / builds.

Test Run Results Dynamics / Timeline Report. Image 1

The summary bars show recent Test Plan Runs in the selected projects, unless you narrow your data source with special filters.

How to create the Report

Here is how we recommend to configure the report.

Click +Create > Report to start building new Visual report.

How to create the Report

Create report from Blank template.

How to create the Report. Image 3

We recommend to use the following Sources settings as initial ones:

  • Source type: Entity Reports
  • Projects and teams: make required selection
  • Entities: Test Plan Runs

How to create the Report. Image 4

Apply Filter for data source. Its purpose is to select just one Test Plan by known name or numeric ID. Syntax of Advanced Filters is used.

?TestPlan is 'Extended Test Plan'

Press Create report button. Then use the following setup for the chart:

  • Horizontal axis: End Date
    • Group by: Week (Day, Month)
    • Appearance: Period
  • Vertical axis: all or some of the fields together, with average (AVG) aggregation
    • AVG(Passed Count)
    • AVG(Failed Count)
    • AVG(Blocked Count)
    • AVG(On Hold Count)
    • AVG(Not Run Count)
  • Chart Type: Stacked-Bar

How to create the Report. Image 5

Press Finish setup button. Your chart is ready!

Test Run Results Dynamics / Timeline Report. Image 1

Further Customization


Grouping bars monthly works better for relatively long periods of time.


There are predefined fields that group test plans. Here we list them:

  • Start Date / End Date
    • Group by: Day / Week
    • Appearance: Period
  • Project
  • Build
  • Release
  • Iteration / Sprint
  • Team Iteration

These fields are related to the Test Plan Run entity itself, not to the assignable entity linked to the test plan and its test cases.


Using Filters for Sources settings, you can narrow the data scope in order to take into account only selected Test Plans. Syntax of Advanced Filters is used.

For instance, you can apply filter:

  • by date range of test plan runs
  • by date range of releases / iterations (sprints) / builds
  • by project
  • by attributes of test plans
?TestPlan.ID == 5904 and EndDate >= '01-Mar-2011' and EndDate <= '01-Jan-2012'

You can also browse data source and apply filters to data using special interactive wizard in chart settings. Navigate Actions > Set up report menu item, and then press Data Source > Browse and filter button.


More information

Visual Reports and Custom Graphical reports are very flexible in terms of filtering, grouping and customization. If you need to build some other Visual Report, you're welcome to contact our support team and request our assistance.

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