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8 years ago

New Bugzilla plugin in TargetProcess v.2.22.10

TargetProcess v.2.22.10 is available to all the On-Demand customers and Free edition users. On-Site customers will be able to upgrade by the end of the week.

The New Bugzilla Integration Plugin: Faster and Easier

Our new Bugzilla plugin is the best on the market for sure. It can't be any easier to setup and use a plugin. Auto-mapping makes setup a breeze, while the new mashups come handy for an even closer integration. Read more about Bugzilla plugin.

NOTE: The new plugin is fully functional, but it's not possible to convert the old profiles so far. You can set up new test profiles on a dummy project.

Bugzilla - TargetProcess integration: map priorities

REST API Improvements

  • REST: update inactive project
  • REST: incorrect update if inner entity does not exist
  • REST: get/update custom fields for the Project entity
  • REST: Reset Iteration value when reset Release
  • REST: Filter by acid in Context
  • REST: exception adding a new User if the Developer role renamed

Other Fixes

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