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10 years ago

New feature in 2.20.11: Bug Duplicates Management

Here's how the bug duplicates functionality works and looks.

All the action links have been moved up to the right from Estimate & Effort box in the bug view;  a new option 'Find Duplicate' has been added at the end of these actions list.

Targetprocess Image

It's also available in the 'Actions' pull-down menu of Bugs list.

Targetprocess Image

As you click on this link,  you'll get to the bug finder with the selected bug details on the left and lookup on the right. In the right panel you can search for duplicates by bug ID, name or state

As you select the replica bug from search results,  a pop-up with the details for both primary and duplicated bug appears.

Targetprocess Image

If it turns out that they are not actually duplicates, you can click the lookup icon, get back to the search panel and go on searching for the appropriate one.

Targetprocess Image

Now as you spotted duplicates,  you can choose which bug is primary and which one should be marked as duplicate. You can also change the state of a duplicate issue right here.

As both the primary and duplicate bugs are defined, you can see a new  'Duplicate' section added to the primary bug:

Targetprocess Image

and a hyperlinked tag added to the duplicate:

Targetprocess Image

Duplicated bugs relations are powered by tags. You can quickly mark bug Y as a duplicate of bug X if you update it with a tag 'duplicateOf#X' (the finder pop-up does the same, this is just another option).

To undo the duplicate action you can just delete the tag from duplicate issue or click the 'Unduplicate' link in primary bug detail view.

All duplicates can be easily found in the bug list view by tag with our new wildcard search for tags feature! Just type 'duplicate*' to the 'Tags' text box and you've got the list of bugs filtered by all tags which start from 'duplicate'.

Targetprocess Image

You can filter this list by release/iteration, states, owner, etc.  for review or export the list to a CSV file.

We would be happy if you try new features and share your impressions and opinion on the  UX:

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