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9 years ago

TargetProcess 2.22.6: Prioritization in Kanban Board

Prioritization in Kanban Board

Drag and drop prioritization is available on Kanban Board for User Stories and Bugs. You can reorder User Stories and Bugs in the Backlog, Planned and any other states. Just drag a User Story and move it where you want it to go.

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Role-based Import and Export for Effort

You can import Effort for User Stories, Bugs, Tasks and Requests. It’s possible to import both the total effort for multiple roles and the effort for a single role, depending on how many responsible roles you’ve got for an entity.
Role-based Import and Export for Effort

See a boring list of other improvements and fixes below.


REST API improvements

  • Retrieve custom fields from different processes
  • Delete / Edit Attachments
  • Lowercase customFields post not working
  • POST to /resource/Id should update the resource with this ID

New (beta) Views improvements

  • Task view not updated if Task is assigned to User Story from another project
  • Remove Add Test Case link from Print view
  • Priority should be renamed to Business Value for User Story and Feature
  • 'Spent' and 'Remain' shown in Progress Bar if Time Tracking is disabled
  • Convert action added
  • The inner Test Cases list not loading updates when changed

Other fixes and improvements

  • Email Integration Plugin: failing to create a message and request if email has an attachment
  • Prioritize view should autofit the available screen height
  • Adds effort for a role if the "Has effort" option for this role is disabled
  • Duplicate Bugs functionality not working in the old view
  • Process update failing if the process is used in deleted projects

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