Targetprocess 3.2.5 Released: Charts and Reports Sharing, Programs in v. 3 | Targetprocess - Enterprise Agility Solution
6 years ago

Targetprocess 3.2.5 Released: Charts and Reports Sharing, Programs in v. 3

This release includes:

Sharing for charts and reports

Sometimes you need to share a report with a Targetprocess user who is not included to a Project or a Team, but still needs to see this report. That's exactly what we've made possible in this release. As on the screen below, if you need to share a burn down chart with someone outside this Team or Project, click 'Share link' on the top right. A link to this report will be generated, and you can pass on this link to any Targetprocess user.

Targetprocess Image

Programs in v3: available in the Project views and View lanes

Programs are now available in Targetprocess3  in Project Views and as lanes in view setups. Note that you cannot add a Program via Quick Add. This should be done in a view setup, where one can pick "Program" as a lane. If a View has Program as a lane and Project as a card (as on the screen below), new Programs can be added, and Projects can be moved from one Program to another. Another point to note: one cannot move work item cards (User Stories, Bugs, etc.) between Programs.

Programs provide a custom way to group projects, working as some sort of tag. What's more, they can be regarded as yet another level in User Story - Feature -Project -Program hierarchy, similarly to how it was in Targeprocess v2.

Targetprocess Image

"About" section moved to "Settings" in the top panel

You can now find the information about the latest Targetprocess version and the link to 'What's new' in the Settings menu.

Bugs Fixed

  • Wrong Projects/Teams set upon adding a new project or a team from the View context settings
  • Quick Add shows inactive projects if they are assigned to the current Teams
  • Permissions: assigned user unable to change entity state
  • Tags' and 'Tag bundles' work incorrectly in v2 and v3 Project/Team contexts
  • Cannot rename View in Safari on Mac
  • Progress Summary won't show a report for a current Iteration from a non-current Release
  • Users should not see Projects or Teams from their Inactive Projects relations
  • Test Plans should be included to search results
  • Quick Add from Timeline view doesn't work in Internet Explorer
  • Export of the view w/Person lane throws an exception: 'An item with the same key has already been added'
  • v2 search should show results in the new look views
  • Cannot reset text selection if View is opened in Google Chrome
  • Past Releases and Iterations cards should be colored gray

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