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8 years ago

Targetprocess 3.7.0: Milestones and Entity Test Plans


Since the world is so dynamic, we have to be on time with our projects to be successful. Starting from the v.3.7.0 you can now visualize important milestones on a timeline view. Simply add a new milestone and specify what projects it relates to. Now you can track whether your progress is effective enough to complete work on time.

To see all milestones in one place, you can use the 'Milestones' widget on a Dashboard.

You can find more details about Milestones in the Targetprocess Guide.

Entity Test Plan

Imagine you have a bug, which you need to test. With the new Entity Test Plan functionality you can create a bug test plan and easily add new test cases or link existing ones to it with just a few clicks. When it's time to test a user story, which this bug relates to,  you can create a user story test plan and automatically link any related bugs' and tasks' test plans to it. Link several more existing test cases or plans, which have to be executed during any user story testing, and you are ready to go. Now you can execute this user story test plan as many times as you need and keep all the run results.

Later when it’s time to test the whole release, you just create a release test plan and include all the user stories test plans into it with just one click.

It is possible create a test plan for any of the following entities and operate with them in a similar way as you currently do with an independent test plan:

  • Epic
  • Feature
  • User Story
  • Task
  • Bug
  • Request
  • Build
  • Release
  • Iteration
  • Team Iteration

As a result, your test cases and test plans can be beautifully structured according to your entities hierarchy and easily managed.

More details are available in the Targetprocess Guide.

Copy Test Case Run Details to a Bug Description

When you create a bug from a test case run, now test case run details are automatically copied to the description of the bug, so you can easily see what are the steps to reproduce and where exactly the bug has been found:

Responsible Team axis

Before this release you could create a view with a Team axis that showed all the cards that are assigned to different teams. If you've started using the team workflow feature and have different team workflows created, this didn't really help to see what cards the team is currently responsible for.

From v.3.7.0 you can now create a view that will show all the items assigned to the team that they are responsible for, based on their team workflow. For example, if a story is assigned to a team and it is in a project state that is mapped to a team state for this team, then it will be shown in the team's lane.  When it gets to a state in the project workflow that is not mapped to a team state it will no longer be shown in this teams lane, as they are no longer responsible for it. Instead, it will appear under the heading No Responsible Team, since there is a team assigned but no related team state.

For now views using the Responsible Team axis are read-only.  This means you will not be able to move cards between responsible teams or use quick add on this view.

'Share link'

The URL is now automatically copied to the system clipboard.

Markdown editor

Markdown is now available for the whole account in comments and descriptions. It also supports Emoji.

Code highlights is supported, so you can format code examples much better now.

Finally, you can save changes using Ctrl+Enter shortcut.

We value your feedback and consider your suggestions when come back to our new features to improve on them.

Minor Features

  • Visual Encoding now supports multiple and custom colors
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