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4 years ago

Targetprocess v.3.7.11: minor bug fixing. Important notice for On-Site customers

Important Notice for On-Site customers

We've been putting quite a bit of effort into improving performance in Targetprocess.  For the past few months we've had a dedicated team who's primary responsibility was to investigate related issues. From the team's investigation, in order to resolve many of the problems an update to the ASP.NET SignalR library was required.
This library update forces the Targetprocess application pool to be in the Integrated Pipeline mode.  And, as you may already be aware, this mode does not support when Forms and Windows authentications are enabled simultaneously.

Therefore, with 3.7.11 it's recommended to use one of the following approaches:

  1. Windows authentication mode only. Suits the best to an intranet environment
  2. Forms + Anonymous authentications.
  3. If you need mixed authentication rules, then use Forms + Anonymous authentications on IIS level along a Single Sign-On set up for internal users. See more about SSO support in our guide.

On-Site customers who use a mixed authentication will be switched to a pure Windows Authentication with this update.

Should you have any questions or require any clarifications, feel free to contact our Support team.

Fixed Bugs

  • #90863 "Remember me" check box at does not work
  • #111252 Visual Filters: It is not possible to type in an 'Assigned to' filter box
  • #108942 Non-admin but owner could not move his public view into a public group
  • #111037 Team Sprints are not visible for administrators / observers if they're not Team members (with Private projects enabled)
  • #111269 Estimated effort in inner lists is not editable
  • #111474 Board view irresponsive if 'Assignments' or 'Effort' editor in the view's inner lists closed with ESC
  • #111608 Custom Graphical Reports: Time reported as a custom activity is not taken into account
  • #111712 Public / Custom Shared Dashboards / Reports are not counted on a License page but actually are taken into account according to License restriction rules.

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