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4 years ago

Targetprocess 3.7.4: Epic Conversion

Epics Improvements

'Convert' action for Epics

Now you can convert an Epic to a Feature, User Story or Request. You can also convert a Feature, User Story or Request to an Epic.

convert epic

In addition to converting, we've also added the possibility to assign Epics to Releases and display the History of an Epic.

EpIc history and Release


Minor changes and features

  • Graphical Reports: Iteration/Release/Team Iteration/Build sort order is now by 'Start Date'
  • Graphical Reports: Facet charts with categorical axis should exclude empty categories
  • Search Results now display in a full size view

Fixed Bugs

  • Fixed: Time Sheet does not show entities with time records for a user that is assigned only via a Team
  • Fixed: Newly added Team from Projects/Teams menu could not be added to current context w/o reload
  • Fixed: Calculation of Effort ToDo for a person's capacity when the Iteration has already started
  • Fixed: User Story quick add on a view with Sprint / Epic lanes
  • Fixed: Card details that appear on hover were hidden by the Left menu
  • Fixed: Completed cards by Team State didn't appear on a view (Responsible Team was not set yet)


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