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10 years ago

TargetProcess Specific “What is Where”

We did our best to provide the complete information about TargetProcess  on the web-site and in User Guides. Still,  judging by the questions people send in, there's a need to write some sort of guide to our support documentation and videos.

Even if you've been working with TargetProcess for a while, we'd still recommend to look at this blog post on TargetProcess do-it-yourself training for some useful learning tips.

If you're looking to get a demo of what TargetProcess does as an agile project management tool and decide if you need to sign-up for a trial, go to our Product page with all its sub-pages.  Note, that Download page includes plug-ins listed on the Integration page, as well as TP Tray and HelpDesk.

Free Edition, one of the sub-pages, is worth a special note. This is a sign-up page.  BUT one thing to remember is that even if it's FREE edition, TargetProcess is fully functional and comes with all the updates for free as well. The only limitation of free edition is the amount of licenses which is 5.  So, there's no need to sign-up for new free edition trials over and over again if you want an upgrade.  You're entitled to fully functional TargetProcess software with all the upgrades and new releases for free, if you've got a team of 5. If by any chance you forgot your account name, or you've lost your installation file, or you haven't had time to look at TargetProcess and want to resume the evaluation, just email us and we will send you all your account information. We keep it and it's out job to provide it when needed.

Support is your main destination as an eager TargetProcess user :). You  can post  ideas and requests to HelpDesk from there, read User Guides, watch videos, and contact our live chat. TargetProcess System Requirements are also there along with Microsoft Web Platform Installer required to run TargetProcess on-site edition.

On to User Guides. We've got .pdfs mostly, but TargetProcess User Guide comes online and is searchable. You can type in any term there and look at search results.

It might take us time to get back to you with personal answers, although we usually answer within 24 answers. But what if you need this answer right away? You might find it yourself with no waste wait time if you use those tips.

Enjoy working with TargetProcess 🙂

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